Using Django

I’ve started looking into using Django, a python web framework to create an hours logging system. Currently, I’m repurposing the official django tutorial, to make a hours checking interface (rather than a poll taking one).

What I’ve noticed

Django is pretty well documented, from what I can tell, and it’s fairly simple to understand how it works. However there are some things about it that I just don’t understand.

For example, if you want to run your django server, you type in python manage.py runserver.

The thing is, it gets pretty tiring to type python manage.py <command>, so I found myself adding an alias to my .bashrc

alias django='python manage.py'

I know what you might be thinking — isn’t the django command already taken? Here’s the thing – it’s not (only django-admin is)

TL;DR: I started using django, find it fairly intuitive, but there are some things about it that just make no sense at all.


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