Who am I?

Hi! My name is Ronak Shah, and I’m a software engineer and designer based in Southern California. I graduated in June 2022 from UC San Diego with a degree in computer science. I currently work at Watershed, where I work to help companies reduce their carbon emissions.

I’m a big reader, so this blog is mostly that, but I’ll occasionally share ideas in tech and whatnot. For professional stuff about me, see my official website.

About the Blog

I’m going to be using this blog as a place to share ideas in tech, books, and more. I’m usually busy with something or another (student orgs, startups, video games, trying to catch up on a tv show, family, etc) but I do try to post when I can (usually once each year for the reading list!).


Send me an email at contact@ronakshah.net to start off a conversation, or schedule a meeting with me (please shoot me an email as well so I can get some more information about what you want to talk about) at meetwith.ronakshah.net

You can also always leave anonymous feedback @ tellmeanything.ronakshah.net

This site is snazzy? How’d you make it?

Ghost/Jasper2! :D ope